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A year ago when I started looking for a property with letting cottages, everyone said you will need to have a USP – a unique selling point, that magic formula that differentiates what you have to offer over the many other choices that potential guests have when it comes to accommodation. In developing Primrose Farm and its cottages I think I found it…

Blame it all on genetics

Oscar, our 9 year old rescue Labrador, is true to breed in that he has no moral compass when it comes to food. He will shovel anything into his system in the absence of any conscience or vestige of remorse…

Meet Leo

Leo is our neutered rescue cat brought over from South Africa. To describe him I would say he is a combination of the lion in the Wizard of Oz and Jonesy in Dad’s Army – don’t panic, don’t panic. He definitely needs a dose of bravery and even the vet in Johannesburg called him a Dorothy…

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