A year ago when I started looking for a property with letting cottages, everyone said you will need to have a USP – a unique selling point, that magic formula that differentiates what you have to offer over the many other choices that potential guests have when it comes to accommodation. In developing Primrose Farm and its cottages I think I found it.

Primrose Farm is a blend of genuinely disabled accessible and dog friendly cottages and a working sheep farm. But it’s more than just a sheep farm, because I raise teddy bear-faced Southdown sheep, whose wool I use to make award winning bedding – wool duvets, mattress toppers and pillows, all of which guests can appreciate when staying in the cottages. And I take the whole concept further, in that I encourage my guests to become part of the farm during their stay and I really enjoy watching them get into the rhythm of our busy sheepy routine.

Possibly the most satisfying thing for me during this first year of managing Primrose Farm Cottages, is to see how much my disabled guests have enjoyed the opportunity to get up close to the sheep and their lambs and then return to their cottages to snuggle under the luxury bedding. Often my guests tell me, that because of their limited mobility, they have never before been able to pat a woolly four-legged soul or cuddle a milk lamb. But of course, this experience is not limited to my disabled guests – families with children respond with the same delight and enthusiasm. Above all, the credit has to go to my gentle friendly ewes who I say excel in meeting, greeting and bleating – and the extraordinary thing is they really seem to enjoy the guest encounters as much as the humans do!

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